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micaccia cocarde Introduction

For the management of digital photos, I was looking for a tool to find duplicates. Among the multitude of existing programs, I didn't find the one I wanted, tiny and powerful. Finally, I did it myself. I make it available free of charge to interested users.

It is a simple and efficient tool to search for duplicates (exact copies of files by comparing their contents using MD5 signatures). Optimized to the maximum, the software is tiny and does not require installation. However, it is very efficient because its operation is based on a powerful engine that creates file signatures quickly and compares them at a lightning speed.

micaccia cocardeDescription

It it is very easy to use: simply drag and drop the names of the directories you want to treat to the main view of the program, then press the START button.

It is possible to export the results, either in XML format, or in CSV format for use in Microsoft Excel, for example.

MICACCIA does not require special rights. It uses the user's access rights and the unaccessible files will be mentioned in the logs. It is not necessary to define sophisticated options because MICACCIA is a tool that does the work for which it was designed, with efficiency and speed.

MICACCIA can treat several directories or several disks at a time and automatically calculates the number of duplicate files and the total size of the recoverable disk space.

This tool consists of a single file, so small that it can fit on any USB stick.

MICACCIA - Main form

micaccia cocarde Conclusion

MICACCIA is a tiny freeware to find duplicate files with efficiency and speed.

Made with the utmost care, this tool is very easy to use and does not do anything dangerous, not even delete duplicates: it finds quickly duplicate files and the result can be exported in CSV format for batch processing, for example. It does just that, but he does it very well. It has been designed to meet my needs and I hope it will also answer yours.

It's freeware. And when it's free, it's even better... Isn't it ?

Feel free to post comments, suggestions or report any bugs. There is probably none because the software has been extensively tested ... but who knows :-)

micaccia download
Doppione... doppione... doppione... Che micaccia... 'sti doppioni !!! What a mess... these duplicates! [Joseph at work]

The version of the software can be freely distributed over the internet in an unchanged form. You can link to the author website www.joseph.micaccia.eu/joseph.php.

This free software has no warranty, and more importantly, does not assign legal liability to anyone. These goals of Free Software are reached by granting the following freedom-rights: users are free to run, copy and distribute the software.

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